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Are you encountering the following problems?

Do you work in the industry, logistics, healthcare, research, education, administration and are meeting with digitalization of all processes?

Would you like to try out and check what works and what doesn't, learn what requirements to present to the equipment supplier or how to convince the management to approve a project?

Especially in the area of Internet of Things a large investment into sensors, the network, platforms, analytics, and business models is needed.

How to do this without large risks?


IoT Concept Scheme

We can offer you our experience

We will furnish you with the knowledge and answers to basic questions and prepare proofs-of-concept, pilots, prototypes or innovative business models.

We're not saving the World, just solving real problems

We're not dealing with finding the perfect solution. We're not talking about LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, eddystone, MQTT, AI, NB-IoT, BlockChain, or about how there will be this many devices connected to the internet, although that is our strength.

Sometimes, it's enough to stick a simple sensor to a device, connect it to the mobile phone, analyze the data, and provide an answer, eg. "you can easily find out if a device is working non-optimally by using accelerometers". We can also equip your employees with a couple of sensors, add location information, and try out a new business model.

We're looking for simple solutions

That can facilitate savings. We're committed to the Pareto principle 20/80, by getting 80% of the result with 20% of the investment. The leftover 20% can also be worked on by others.

Our philosophy is simple,

make, test, fail fast with reasonable costs, change, repeat the cycle!



Are you in front of the challenges mentioned above? Or perhaps, you do not have any ideas? Then it is the right time to contact us!



We analyze your problem
We find out which solution we would find suitable
We develop a proof-of-concept or a pilot in a week
We present the results and suggest further steps

You can make great savings for a fixed cost: 4.000€

Start now!

The process

The whole project is divided into 4 weekly cycles according to the Agile method.

We use our internationally recognized and awarded solutions IoTool, IoChat, and CrowdSensing.

Development and testing of a new concept

We talk about a concrete problem, prepare a solution (analysis, application, sensors, cloud solution)

Results, Analysis, Presentation

We collect data, responses, we prepare an analysis and a report


Analysis from the customer's side

Preparation for a new cycle

In need further information and a new cycle or decision (Yes / No)

Our field, knowledge, experience

  1. Smart Environment
  2. e-Health & AAL
  3. Industry 4.0
  4. Logistics & transportation
  5. Security
  6. Research
  7. For you

We're solving problems with pollution of river Ganges in India, monitoring palms in Bahrain, watching over wild dumps in Croatia, analyzing standing traffic, and monitoring the state of firefighters.

Gasilska brigada Ljubljana

We're monitoring diabetics, patients with congestive heart failure, and elders with dementia. We also prepare solutions for secure apartments and retirement homes and test the usefulness of various medical-grade sensors for e-Health solutions.

Policlinico Umberto I di Roma
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Bolnišnica Sežana
Telekom Slovenije
  • Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Sant' Antonio Abate Hospital, Tolmezzo, Italy

  • Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital, Udine, Italy

  • Satelicom S.r.l., Vicenza, Italy

We use low-cost sensors to ensure optimal operation of non-digitalized machinery, provide simple alerts, optimize production.

Living Bits and Things

We optimize traffic paths, detect flow and average speed, take care of security.


We monitor people doing dangerous jobs by detecting falls and bio parameter changes, and trigger alarms containing location information along with details about the problem.

We research the use of various sensors in mobile devices. Our IoTool platform already supports over 100 different sensors - adding new ones is very simple.

Jožef Štefan Institute
Austrian Institute of technology
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Zavod za varstvo pri delu

We equip old industrial machinery, cars, and other industrial mechanization with sensors and diagnostic equipment. We can also add functionality to traffic signs, track the movements of customers and employees, send out sale alerts, take care of extra security for the users, test and connect sensors, collect various data, develop mobile sensor applications etc.

But mainly we solve your real IoT problems.



Active and Assisted Living 2015

IoTool - RelaxedCare
AAL forum finalist and People's Choice Awards, Ghent, 9/2015

Wearable Technology Show 2016

Winner in category: Smarthome - Wearable Technology Show Awards, London, 3/2016

Wearable Technology Show 2016

Runner Up in category: IOT Connect - Wearable Technology Show Awards, London, 3/2016

Active and Assisted Living Smart Ageing 2016

IoTool - RelaxedCare
AAL Smart Ageing Prize finalist - one of final five with close to 200 entries, 9/2016

IoT International World Cup 2017

IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup finalist and winner in Smart City category - from over 400 contestants, 3/2017 Best Senior Living Award 2017

Simple Senior Phone Best Senior Living Award 2017 nominee in App Launchers category, 5/2017


You can also reach us by phone: +386 41 663 195

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